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Mission Statement: Our Committments
Hailsham Youth Service, managed and funded by Hailsham Town Council, aims to provide young people in the local area with opportunities to develop social, physical, emotional and political awareness. Regardless of background, gender or culture, young people can expect a safe, supportive, fun and non-judgmental environment at all our centres and through our various activities and service provision.
Providing creative and challenging experiences that support the personal, social and educational development of young people.
Giving young people opportunities to learn and achieve and to have these achievements recognised.
Encouraging young people to explore their values and beliefs and support their engagement in decision-making and community activity.
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Mission Statement: Our Objectives
Offer quality information, advice and support to young people, so that they can make informed choices about issues affecting their lives.
Work closely with young people who are not included or engaged in their communities, to offer opportunities and experiences that develop their confidence, skills and self-esteem, and that encourage and support their re-engagement and social inclusion.
Key Staff: Youth Workers & Volunteers
Andy Joyes
Joel Cottingham
YOUTH WORKERS: Rachel Ali, Elsie Carnie, Carley Coleman, Nick Dann, Beth Mickleburgh, Kerry Potter, Pollie Rafferty, Alfie Williams
Join Our Team: Become a Volunteer!

Have you ever thought about volunteering to work with young people? If you have, then maybe you'd like to volunteer to help at one of our centres and with their associated projects?

If you do join us, we will provide you with a valuable and rewarding experience supporting young people in reaching their potential.

For further infomation, please contact Andy Joyes on 01323 841702.
  Alternatively, send an email to
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